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A microservices API gateway built on Express.js

Fast, Flexible, and Community Driven

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Express Gateway 1.16.10 has been released!

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    • A single config to control it all
    • Auto-detect and hot-reload config changes
    • Plugin architecture
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    • A gateway for any language
    • A gateway for any framework
    • A gateway for all microservice use cases
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    • Built on Express Middleware and Node
    • Pre-bundled with the most proven and popular modules
    • Extend with any Express Middleware
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    • Run anywhere with Docker in your public or private cloud
    • Works with any orchestrator and service mesh
    • Plug into your DevOps tooling
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Doug Wilson
"Building upon Node.js + Express.js brings together the strengths, community and flexibility for a world-class API gateway."

— Doug Wilson Maintainer of Express.js

Niran Patel
"As a result of the ecosystem around Node.js + Express.js utilized within Express Gateway, the team was able to write custom authentication and authorization layer for the LFX platform"

— Nirav Patel Platform Architect at Linux Foundation

Amar Rathor
"Simple, powerful and flexible without getting in your way - a core building block that elegantly leverages ExpressJS and unlocks it from the technical/developer side of the business."

— Amar Singh Rathor Head of Standard Chartered Studios

Cristian Ronzio
"By using Express Gateway the team was able to save time, without having to devote engineering time to building this important piece of our tech stack"

— Cristian RonzioFrontend Architect at Musement

Tamme Thijs
"Customization is a game changer with Express Gateway. We built custom plugins and didn’t want to start over. Express Gateway gave us the flexibility we needed."

— Tamme ThijsSoftware Engineer at Viriciti

Chad Foley
"Express Gateway was a simple to use and production ready solution for us to quickly allow public traffic to access our internal APIs."

— Chad FoleyEnterprise Application Engineer at City of Raleigh

James Young
"An API gateway built around ExpressJS is long overdue and the perfect use case for the minimalist strengths of what Express is all about!"

— James Young CTO of VidRoll