Announcing Express Gateway v1.3.0

We’re pleased to announce we’ve released Express Gateway 1.3.0. This version fixes bugs and we’re excited to share brand new features for developers to test drive!

Releasing Express Gateway v1.3.0

Get the latest bits from NPM: [email protected].

Express Gateway adheres to Semantic Versioning. As a result, v1.3.0 is fully compatible with previous 1.x releases.

$ npm install -g express-gateway
$ npm update -g express-gateway
Notable changes:
  • The Admin API has been extended to let you control the gateway even more. In particular, pipelines, endpoints and allowed policies are now exposed.
  • Express Gateway is now shipped with a Typescript definition file that should improve the experience when writing plugins. To know more about this feature, point your browser to the docs
  • Express Gateway now has a built in schema validator for policies, plugins, options. This will prevent the gateway from starting if required parameters are not valid
  • eg credential list command now accepts a -f parameter that will let you filter the credentials based on their status (so far, active and archived)

If interested, you can see the complete changelog on the release page.

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