Project Roadmap

The Express Gateway roadmap consists of three parts:

  1. features request and feedback in Express Gateway Feathub
  2. this document that captures all features under considered at the epic level
  3. the GitHub project that the Express Gateway contributors use to prioritize feature for the next release


The timeframes for consideration to implement new features

Timeframe Description
Backlog immediately being considered or worked on for next release
Short Term a few minor releases out
Medium Term several minor releases out
Long Term not until the next major release

New Features

Backlog (Next Few Minors)

  • Lambda Plugin
    • ability to invoke AWS Lambda functions
    • spec
    • spike
    • story prefix “AWS Lambda” in GitHub project
  • Request and Response Transformer Policies
    • a consistent experience in manipulating req and res objects for both header and body modifications
    • builds off the work completed and field tested in the body-modifier
    • headers policy intended to be marked for deprecation
    • story prefix “Req/Res Transformer:” in GitHub project
  • OpenAPI Support
    • ingest OpenAPI spec and scaffold EG configuration
    • federate OpenAPI over EG instances
    • spec
    • spike
    • story prefix “OpenAPI:” in GitHub project
  • Enhanced Clustering Capabilities
    • cross cluster global counters
    • other shared data among EG instances
    • create spec
    • spike
    • story prefix “Clustering:” in GitHub project
  • GraphQL
    • integrate GraphQL capabilities within Express Gateway using leading express friendly GraphQL module
    • create spec
    • spike
    • story prefix “GraphQL:” in GitHub project
  • Ingress Controller
    • Express Gateway acting as a Kubernetes ingress controller
    • spec
    • spike
    • story prefix “Ingress Controller:” in GitHub project
  • Plugin Framework - Iteration 2
    • spec
    • development plan
    • new credential types
    • new services
    • new models
    • CLI (additional Yeoman generators)
    • decouple CLI from config files (use Admin API only)
    • story prefix “Plugin Framework:” in GitHub project
  • Microservice/Service discovery and orchestration
    • spec
    • spike
    • story prefix “Service Discovery:” in GitHub project

Short Term (Several Minors Out)

  • OpenID 1.0 Policy
  • Refactor OAuth2 out as plugin
  • Refactor JWT out as a plugin
  • Advanced Logging format
  • CLI Interface Enhancements
  • API (group of API endpoints)
  • Microservice (group of service endpoints)
  • (TBD from perf testing)
  • soap2json Policy (outbound)
  • json2soap Policy (inbound)
  • Websocket support

Medium Term (Several Minors Out)

  • Datastore - MongoDB
  • Datastore - Postgres
  • Serverless Integration (OpenWhisk)
  • Express Middleware to EG Policy transformer/converter
  • Caching Policy
  • Quota Policy
  • OAuth2 Introspection (Resource server only)
  • RBACL Plugin
  • Bot Detection Policy
  • Logging - statsd Policy
  • Logging - syslog Policy

Long Term (Next Major)

  • SAML Policy (see Auth Integration)
  • LDAP Policy (see Auth Integration)
  • HMAC Policy

Completed Features

See our Changelog