Interview - Vincenzo Chianese at Oracle Cloud, Chicago

We joined thousands of developers, architects and technical executives for Oracle Cloud conference in Chicago. During the trip, Vincenzo Chianese, engineer for LunchBadger (co-sponsor of Express Gateway), shared an expert workshop in partnership with Auth0 and had the chance for a live interview.

Auth0 & LunchBadger

As part of our conference participation, we shared the spotlight with one of our favorite community partners, Auth0. Previously, we collaborated on a popular blog post about the important role of API Gateways and Microservices. When the opportunity came up to share this with a live audience, we packed up our bags and headed to Chicago. Thanks, again, to Auth0 and keep a lookout because we’ll share the slides and video!

Interview + Excerpts

Before giving a workshop, we got the chance to take part in a live interview, livestreamed on Periscope. Thanks, for taking time out for the interview with Vincenzo! Below we have shared a few interesting excerpts from the interview.

Q: “How do [challenges in Microservices] differ from similar or parallel challenges in conventional service oriented architecture?”

Vincenzo: ..”The new challenges I see is that when you go with Microservices you want to use the network as an application bus. Unfortunately, the network is unreliable and is not meant to be an application bus. From there, you find a lot more challenges. For example, when you have a particular transaction that is happening on multiple microservices - what do you do if one of the services is failing?”

Q: “How does using RESTful architecture and an API Gateway help to overcome those challenges?”

Vincenzo: “The API Gateway is particularly useful because it’s acting as an integration layer for your microservices..”

Check Out The Entire Interview Here

Thanks,again, for the ongoing support with this exciting open source project. We’re excited to share our expertise, and learn more about what you’re building. As co-sponsors of Express Gateway, we work closely with the developer community to help shape this project. So if you’ve been hard at work building, hit us up on our Gitter channel.

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