Open Source Community Round up - Spring Break Edition

We get asked a lot - How can I contribute? What is Express Gateway all about? Well, here’s your chance to check out what other developers are talking about and prioritizing when it comes to what they’d like to see in the next generation API Gateway. If you’re looking to make an impact on a popular open source project, read on, upvote or just share your feedback. Let’s go!

But first: Docker Images and 1.8.0

Let’s start with the important stuff. This week we released 1.8.0 with some eagerly awaited features, including a brand new consolidated Docker Image. This is important for everyone out there who has implemented or used Docker so check out the updates on that.

Also, on that same note - we are actively working towards joining the official Docker images program. So keep an eye out.

There are still a lot of opportunities to contribute, maintain or just provide general community support. If you’re interested, we’re growing the roadmap.

Interview with Bob Rhubart & Vincenzo Chianese

We wrapped up our experiences as Oracle Cloud conference in Chicago. Thanks, again, to the Auth0 crew for inviting us and helping us spread the open source gospel on microservices. At the conference, we got a great opportunity to catch up with Bob Rhubart, OTN Architect community manager. He is also the editor and producer of Archbeat Podcast.

We’ve put together a few excerpts in two parts:

You can also check out the entire interview right over here to catch up on anything you missed.

Our ongoing collab with Auth0

It’s true, when you find a good partner - you gotta keep em’! It makes sense, if you’re talking about securing your microservices and apis, that Auth0 and Express Gateway make a good pair. We’ve been cooking up some great content in this latest installment, discussing how you can use Express Gateway to get the metrics you care about.

We would like to recommend their Ambassador program. ICYMI, Vincenzo Chianese was Ambassador of the month for January and it’s been great to share the open source love while provided important value for developers who are building microservices and APIs.

Moving On

Conversations start with great communities and we’re excited by the global network of developers who have stepped up to support this project. It’s time to go build something great! We’d love to know more about how you’re putting this open source, API Gateway to work. So if you’ve been hard at work building, hit us up on our Gitter channel.

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