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  • Orchestrating Kubernetes and Express Gateway

    Tuesday April 10, 2018

    Express Gateway is cloud native software, meaning that it integrates easily with Kubernetes or any other container orchestration solution.

    Let’s explore an interesting use case where you can use Express Gateway with Kubernetes to provide a graceful degradation for clients in case some of its managed services are down.

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  • TLS Authentication with Express Gateway Pt. 2

    Tuesday April 03, 2018

    We’re back with more about how you can use Transport Layer Security (TLS) Client Authentication from the latest 1.8.0 release. We’ll cover how to revoke a client certificate and special use cases if you want to use TLS Authentication for a specific path.

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  • TLS Authentication with Express Gateway

    Tuesday April 03, 2018

    Express Gateway supports various client authentication methods such as key auth,basic auth,jwt. Based on developer community feedback, we’ve included support to Transport Layer Security (TLS) Client Authentication in the latest 1.8.0 release.

    So, we can code up some new and interesting scenarios. Let’s dig in!

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  • Open Source Community Round up: Spring Break Edition

    Friday March 30, 2018

    We get asked a lot - How can I contribute? What is Express Gateway all about? Well, here’s your chance to check out what other developers are talking about and prioritizing when it comes to what they’d like to see in the next generation API Gateway. If you’re looking to make an impact on a popular open source project, read on, upvote or just share your feedback. Let’s go!

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  • Interview Pt.2: Vincenzo Chianese at Oracle Cloud Conference, Chicago

    Thursday March 29, 2018

    In partnership with Auth0, we joined thousands of developers, architects and technical executives for Oracle Cloud conference in Chicago. They say that the Oracle Community is built by developers for developers. That is definitely something we can appreciate. Vincenzo Chianese, engineer for LunchBadger (co-sponsor of Express Gateway), shared an expert workshop in partnership with Auth0 and had the chance for a live interview. Here are more excerpts from that interview.

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  • Interview: Vincenzo Chianese at Oracle Cloud, Chicago

    Wednesday March 28, 2018

    We joined thousands of developers, architects and technical executives for Oracle Cloud conference in Chicago. During the trip, Vincenzo Chianese, engineer for LunchBadger (co-sponsor of Express Gateway), shared an expert workshop in partnership with Auth0 and had the chance for a live interview.

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  • What's inside Express Gateway 1.8.0

    Tuesday March 27, 2018

    We’ve come a long way! Express Gateway is becoming more popular every single day thanks to our amazing community of developers, gazers and contributors.

    In this release, we’re bringing two new features and crushing a few pesky bugs. Also, based on community feedback, we’ve done a little code reorganization. If you’re interested in contributing, we’d love to connect. In the meantime, learn more about what’s inside Express Gateway 1.8.0!

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  • Dev Round-up: JWT, Env Var and a little Express.js

    Tuesday March 20, 2018

    Thanks to the hard work and dedicated developer community we have experienced some of the biggest milestones to date. Now it’s time to share a quick round up of the most popular posts, How-Tos and videos in case you may have missed all of the action. Also, get a sneak peek at what’s in store for the next release!

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  • Application Specific Metrics Using Express Gateway in Production

    Thursday March 15, 2018

    As a follow up to our last post on how you can get started with application specific metrics using Express Gateway, we’d love to show you a real time example that you can use. By the end of this post, you’ll have everything you need to start building your own plugins and getting metrics on information you care about.

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  • How To Get Application Specific Metrics Using Express Gateway

    Tuesday March 13, 2018

    Unless you’re building a proof of concept or an application that’s not aiming to reach the production, you definitely want to add monitoring and metrics to your system. In this installment we’re going to look how Express-Gateway can help you to add application specific metrics and expose them through an HTTP endpoint that can be queried by an external service, such as Prometheus.

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  • Ship, Ship - Hooray! 1.7.3 is here.

    Monday March 12, 2018

    It’s true, we’ve slowed down on Express Gateway. Why? We’ve been pretty busy supporting developers deploying instances of Express Gateway on production environments. We are thrilled at this opportunity, but like any other open source project we’ve found a few edge cases. So, where to go from here?

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  • Getting Started with JSON Web Tokens and Express Gateway

    Thursday March 08, 2018

    In case you missed the important news - we released an update to Express Gateway with support for JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Now, we’d like to take a moment and go into more depth on how you can get started with JWT and Express Gateway.

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  • Getting Started with Environment Variables and Express Gateway

    Wednesday February 21, 2018

    There are a lot of resources out there when it comes to exploring the ins-n-outs of environment variables. Recently, we added support for environment variables in Express Gateway as a response to request we received from developers who are using Express Gateway in production right now. So, we’d like to take a moment and go into more depth on how you can get started with Environment Variables and Express Gateway.

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  • Developer Spotlight: Compare Amazon API Gateway vs Express Gateway

    Friday February 02, 2018

    Express Gateway and Amazon API Gateway are two different products for configuring middleware servers that provide services like rate limiting, authentication, and proxying. As a developer, I want to share the major trade-offs between using Amazon API Gateway and Express Gateway across several important dimensions.

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  • Express Gateway 1.7.0 - Lucky 7

    Monday January 29, 2018

    We love open source and we especially love feedback from our community. It’s not even February yet, and we’ve been busy jamming out the features developers, like you, have been requesting including Node.js 9, JSON Schemas and more. If you’ve tried out Express Gateway, you’re in the right place because this next feature in Express Gateway 1.7.0 is small, but mighty. Join us in exploring environment variables in both configuration stacks.

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  • Express Gateway 1.6.0 - It’s Payback Time!

    Wednesday January 17, 2018

    After all the holidays, it’s all about that New Year’s resolution, hitting the gym for the brief 2 weeks before you rediscover fast food and, if you’re like us, breaking open the laptop and committing that open source code.

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  • Express Gateway Release 1.5.0 with JWT support

    Wednesday December 20, 2017

    You asked - we listened. That’s what open source projects should be all about. In the latest release of Express Gateway 1.5.0, we’ve included support for JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Let’s go!

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  • Express Gateway Release 1.4.1 over here!

    Wednesday November 29, 2017

    We’re back with brand new fixes, changes, updates and..PROGRESS! Thanks to everyone (you) for making all of this possible. We’re excited to see the project mature. Who’s ready for 1.4.1? Let’s kick it off!

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  • Now Presenting Express Gateway Release 1.4.0!

    Friday November 24, 2017

    Always be shipping code! Open source projects are no exception. In the latest 1.4.0 release, we’ve got a set of brand new features and crushed some pesky bugs. In case you’ve been following along at home, you’ll notice that several of the features and bugs that have been included were direct recommendations or contributions from the community. Thank you for the ongoing support.

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  • What Is an API Gateway for IoT?

    Thursday November 16, 2017

    Learn more about how an API Gateway can help you sustainably build a backend to your IoT applications. Let’s cover the basic components of an IoT backend, API Gateways and we’ll provide new concepts, as well as helpful tips to get you off to a great start.

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  • Announcing Express Gateway v1.3.0

    Thursday October 26, 2017

    We’re pleased to announce we’ve released Express Gateway 1.3.0. This version fixes bugs and we’re excited to share brand new features for developers to test drive!

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  • Intro to the Rate Limiting Policy

    Thursday October 19, 2017

    Express Gateway has a lot of powerful features beyond just auth. Another important feature is rate limiting, which throttles requests to one or more endpoints. Express Gateway has a lot of tuneable options for configuring throttling: you can throttle requests on a per user, per endpoint, or per pipeline basis. In this article, I’ll walk you through a “Hello, World” example of using Express Gateway’s rate limiting policy, and then show a practical use case of rate limiting based on user API keys.

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  • How to Use Scopes to Secure Your API

    Wednesday October 04, 2017

    Express Gateway has built-in support for numerous authentication mechanisms, like OAuth2 and key auth. On top of these authentication mechanisms, Express Gateway supports restricting access to certain endpoints to certain users using the notion of scopes. In this article, I’ll provide a “Hello, World” example of using scopes and then dive into a more realistic example of using scopes to protect access to an external API.

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  • Express Gateway and Kubernetes: Part 1

    Thursday September 28, 2017

    It’s no secret that cloud native applications are designed to maximize resilience through predictable behaviors. Several factors, including API exposure and application design, play key roles in the successful deployment of cloud native applications. For instance, API exposure and providing internal or external access via standardized methods can fundamentally change your growth trajectory. You can create new services, integrations and expose customer insights. As an important area of growth, designing your application also plays a critical role. Are you designing with microservices in mind? Breaking down monolithic applications with containers? For example, cloud native technologies like Docker give you the ability to decompose your once monolithic applications into sustainable microservices. If you’re building the next generation of cloud native applications, where what does that roadmap look like? Let’s break it down.

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  • Part1: Anatomy of a Plugin

    Tuesday September 19, 2017

    “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a main to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

    This old saying is the premise behind what we were thinking of building next based on community feedback of what we had released initially with Express Gateway.

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  • Getting Started with the Expression Policy

    Thursday September 14, 2017

    Express Gateway comes with a lot of powerful features baked in, like OAuth2 and key auth. When built-in features aren’t enough, Express Gateway has an expression policy, which lets you execute arbitrary JavaScript to modify the request and response. In this article, I’ll show you how the expression policy works with several sample use cases.

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  • Plugin Framework Overview and Plan

    Thursday September 07, 2017

    One of the key reason why we built Express Gateway on ExpressJS is because of an existing rich ecosystem of 3,000+ middleware modules that is already being used out of the box with Express. Not all Express modules are relevant to the API gateway use case - but many are. Said a different way - almost all API gateway use cases can be covered by utilizing an existing Express module.

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  • Getting Started with OAuth2

    Thursday August 31, 2017

    You’ve read all about Express Gateway, now we’re going to walk through some very important aspects of how to build faster and more sustainably.

    Did you know that Express Gateway gives you the ability to spin up your own OAuth2 provider from the command line?

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  • Express Gateway Roadmap Overview

    Thursday August 17, 2017

    Fast, Flexible and Community Driven. When we say community driven - it’s not a tagline, it’s a commitment. Given its use case, There are so many features that could be built for Express Gateway, the big question is - what first?

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  • Implementing Key Authentication in Express Gateway

    Tuesday August 08, 2017

    You’ve probably used it before: key authentication. The basic idea is simple, to authenticate your app or client with a given service you send a key to identify (and authorize) yourself. This is not intended for individual users necessarily, but rather for systems talking to each other.

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  • Introducing Express Gateway

    Thursday July 20, 2017

    This project is a culmination of listening to countless accounts from community folks with all types of different backgrounds - from startups to large enterprises and everything in between - and acting on it.

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  • Announcing Express Gateway v1.1.0

    Thursday July 20, 2017

    This morning we added the finishing touches of load balancing features into the proxy policy that Wyatt needed at Joyent. Also added Windows support along with AppVeyor CI.

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