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Policies Reference




The JavaScript sandbox Object that will be used to execute JavaScript code in Conditions, Actions, and the Expression Policy. It can be used to implement non-standard scenarios.

All Node.JS global variables like process, require etc. will not be available for security reasons.

The egContext contains the following properties that can be used:

  • req: ExpressJS Request Object
  • res: ExpressJS Response Object
  • apiEndpoint: Configuration or API Endpoint that is executing. For example, apiEndpoint.scopes will provide all configured scopes for endpoint
  • consumer: Information about about the current consumer (can be an app or an user)
  • requestID: uuid v4 (base62 encoded) identifier of the current request, useful for tracking purposes. If needed, you can propagate this value down as an header using the headers policy.
  • requestStream: If set, this stream will be piped in the proxyed request body instead of the original request body. This can enable interesting scenarios.


        expression: # policy name
          - action:    # array of condition/actions objects
              jscode: 'req.url = "/new/url"; ' #  code to execute against EG Context