CLI Reference

Overview of eg

eg is a command-line interface (CLI) for executing commands against an Express Gateway instance.


The eg CLI uses the following syntax to run commands:

eg [TYPE] [command] [flags]
  • TYPE: An entity type, such as users, apps, or scopes.
  • command: A command to execute against the entity type, such as create, info, or remove.
  • flags: Flags can be optional or required depending on the command. See the individual command’s help text or documentation.

If help is needed, just run eg -h from your terminal.

Admin API Connection

CLI uses Admin API to execute commands.

system.config.yml contains url that points to Admin API

Default CLI config:
  url: http://localhost:9876
Environment variable

Alternative is to set EG_ADMIN_URL env variable to Admin API URL


Use -v flag for verbose output. It will show Method, URL, HTTP headers, body that is sent to Admin API