CLI Reference

eg gateway

eg gateway create


Create a new Express Gateway.


eg gateway create [options]


Name, longform Type Default Description
-q, --quiet boolean false Only show major pieces of output
-n, --name string   Name of the Express Gateway
-d, --dir string   Directory where the Express Gateway will be installed
-t, --type choices: “basic”, “getting-started”   Type of Express Gateway template to generate


Creating a gateway with prompts

$ eg gateway create
? What's the name of your Express Gateway? my-gateway
? Where would you like to install your Express Gateway? my-gateway
? What type of Express Gateway do you want to create? Getting Started with Express Gateway
   create package.json
   create server.js
   create config/gateway.config.yml
   create config/models/applications.js
   create config/models/credentials.js
   create config/models/users.js
   create config/system.config.yml
<... npm install express-gateway ...>

To start my-gateway, run the following commands:
    cd my-gateway && npm start