CLI Reference

eg apps

eg apps create


Create one or more apps.


eg apps create [options]


Name, longform Type Default Description
-u, --user string   User ID or username associated with the app
-p, --property string   App property in the form [-p ‘foo=bar’]
--stdin boolean false Import newline-delimited JSON via standard input
-q, --quiet boolean false Only show app ID
--no-color boolean false Disable color in prompts

Extended description

Either the -u, --user option or the --stdin option is required to run this command.

Multiple applications with the same name can exist — as long these are all bound to different users.

The properties associated with an app are specified in the model config. See detailed description here: Consumer Management


Create an app with prompts

$ eg apps create -u ksmith
? Enter name [required]: appy
? Enter redirectUri:
✔ Created ca2ff018-65c1-4555-b6a8-f8e16638b27f

Create an app with properties

$ eg apps create -u ksmith -p 'name=appy' -p 'redirectUri='
✔ Created e1107337-8a09-447d-8a44-020846bb4353

Import users with newline-delimited JSON

$ cat /tmp/apps.jsonl
{ "user": "ksmith", "name": "appy", "redirectUri": "" }
{ "user": "ksmith", "name": "rad-app", "redirectUri": "" }
$ cat /tmp/apps.jsonl | eg apps create --stdin
✔ Created 85759944-9c65-4609-93d0-b84e4946888e
✔ Created 8b298010-f1fa-45eb-9b18-548965886048

Create an app with quiet mode

$ eg apps create -u ksmith -p 'name=appy' -p 'redirectUri='  -q