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eg users

eg users update


Update a single user.


eg users update <user_id|user_name> [options]


Name, longform Type Default Description
-p, --property string   User property in the form [-p ‘foo=bar’]
-q, --quiet boolean false Only show user ID

Extended description

The properties associated with a user are specified in the model config. See detailed description here: Consumer Management


Update a user with prompts

$ eg users update ksmith
? Enter a value for firstname: Karen
? Enter a value for lastname: Smith
? Enter a value for email: [email protected]
? Enter a value for redirectUri:
✔ Updated ksmith

Update a user with properties

$ eg users update ksmith -p 'firstname=Karen' -p '[email protected]'
✔ Updated ksmith

Update a user with quiet mode

$ eg users update ksmith -p 'firstname=Karen' -p '[email protected]' -q