CLI Reference

eg users

eg users create


Create one or more users.


eg users create [options]


Name, longform Type Default Description
-p, --property string   User property in the form [-p ‘foo=bar’]
--stdin boolean false Import newline-delimited JSON via standard input
-q, --quiet boolean false Only show user ID

Extended description

The properties associated with a user are specified in the model config. See detailed description here: Consumer Management


Create a user with prompts

$ eg users create
? Enter username [required]: ksmith
? Enter firstname [required]: Kate
? Enter lastname [required]: Smith
? Enter email: [email protected]
? Enter redirectUri:
✔ Created ksmith

Create a user with properties

$ eg users create -p 'username=ksmith' -p 'firstname=Kate' -p 'lastname=Smith'
✔ Created ksmithshell

Import users with newline-delimited JSON

$ cat ./users.jsonl
{ "username": "ksmith", "firstname": "Kate", "lastname": "Smith" }
{ "username": "jdoe", "firstname": "Jane", "lastname": "Doe" }
$ cat ./users.jsonl | eg users create --stdin
✔ Created ksmith
✔ Created jdoe

Create a user with quiet mode

$ eg users create -p 'username=ksmith' -p 'firstname=Kate' -p 'lastname=Smith' -q