Hot Reload vs Manual Restart

Express gateway automatically monitors changes of the config file provided at start. Once the change is detected the system automatically reconfigures without shutdown and dropping requests.

Set EG_DISABLE_CONFIG_WATCH env variable to false to disable Hot Reload

Hot Reload will work for:

  • API Endpoints
  • Service Endpoints
  • Pipeline

Manual Restart is required for changes in:

  • http section (port)
  • https section (port and certificates)
  • system.config.yml
  • model changes in models


set env variable LOG_LEVEL=debug to see full logging

Build and run

# build
npm run build

# start
npm start

# test
npm test

# create Docker container
docker build -t gateway .

Configuration Loading and Override

The config files must be in one directory and this is how to point EG to it:

Default If nothing is provided EG will use config in local config /lib/config

use npm start to start Express-gateway

EG_CONFIG_DIR Location to config folder in env variable EG_CONFIG_DIR example: EG_CONFIG_DIR=/some/path/config npm start