CLI Reference



Executes all the pending migrations since the last time this command has been ran.


npx migrate --migrations-dir ./node_modules/express-gateway/migrations/ up

Or, if your NodeJS version is ancient like my grandfather:

./node_modules/.bin/migrate --migrations-dir ./node_modules/express-gateway/migrations/ up


Migrations are scripts provided with some Express Gateway releases that move your data in order to ensure consistency as the product is evolving, using the node-migrate framework.

It has a built in mechanism to avoid to run the same migration twice: therefore running the command multiple times will not repeat the migration. It might be important, if you’re deploying the Gateway on a second new server/container/whatever to make sure to keep a copy of the .migrate file.

Usually you should not care about this command at all, but make sure to run it everytime it is stated in the release notes after an upgrade.